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Ready to spend a full day with me to completely revolutionize your retail business?

Our Essentials Package...

lays the groundwork for retailers seeking to establish a strong online presence, whether they operate brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, or both.


This package provides essential support and strategic guidance to kickstart growth and optimize retail operations in the digital space.

Holiday Sales

Leave our 1 day work session inspired, empowered & your business transformed.

After our full day of strategy and implementation, you will feel like your business accelerated 3 + years forward.

Fashion Shop Display

Sound familiar?

Do you find yourself...

Completely overwhelmed and stressed about your retail operations. Are you uncertain about how to optimize your physical store to meet the demands of today's digital age and integrate e-commerce initiatives seamlessly?


Additionally, you may be frustrated with your current website and online storefront, feeling like it's not effectively engaging customers or driving sales.


Does the idea of reviewing and refining their sales funnels cause stress because you are unsure about how to streamline the purchasing process and boost conversion rates?


The "Essential Package" is for business owners or key-stakeholders that are feeling anxious about the future success of their retail business and unsure about where to start in terms of implementing effective strategies.


What is it?

  • Assessment: Comprehensive analysis of your retail operations, identifying areas for optimization and integration with e-commerce initiatives.

  • Website and Storefront Optimization: Expert recommendations and implementation of strategies to enhance your online storefront and improve customer engagement.

  • Basic Funnel Optimization: Review and refinement of key sales funnels to streamline the purchasing process and boost conversion rates.

  • Strategy Session: Personalized consultation to outline your objectives, address challenges, and devise actionable strategies for  success.

Your investment $3300

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